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Tagged: lookbook simslookbook+simsMy Lookbookmy simsthe sims 3Sims 3ts3ts3 sims

Tagged: my simsthe sims 3ts3Sims 3Sims Life

Tagged: my simsthe sims 3Sims 3ts3Sims Life

Tagged: my simsthe sims 3ts3Sims 3Sims Life

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Tagged: my lookbookthe sims 3my simslookbook sims

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For better fit use granthes_OMSP

Enjoy! :)

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I’ve been getting lots of followers lately, and I wish I could thank each one of you individually, but I’m always so busy, so that’s really hard to do :(

So instead, to show you my appreciation, here’s a pose pack for your littlest simmies (: (Very much requested) No, your eyes are not deceiving you, these are poses for infants and their families! Bonus: Sunflower Seeds poses!

Important: You MUST have the latest version of pose player to be able to pose babies. Some of these may require the OMSP to place perfectly, but I’m not for sure.

In the photos, there are some clipping issues with big boobied sims, but that should be fixed now. Also made the cheeks less poofy and fixed the smile in the crawling pose.

okay enough babbling, here’s the download!


As always, let me know if something is wrong, enjoy, and feel free to tag me if you use these, I’d like to see them in your game!

OH! PS: The baby poses were made specifically with Quizicalgin’s sleeper footies, so they might not look as good with the default blanket, but they’ll still work.

Awesome! I love it!

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Get posepack  here

I use AnoeskaB Bicycle Set

Enjoy! :)

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